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“I choose Modern Olives for their expertise and professionalism. I find the team very reliable and communicative. The team are very open to sharing thoughts and advice beyond just the technical responses.”

Steve Parker

Mt Moriac Olives


“We have been using Modern Olives since we bought our olive grove. Being a small producer, we find that the staff are always interested to listen to our problems, and are happy to provide assistance that goes beyond the provision of normal lab services.”

Michael Coates

Maluka Estate


“A big contributor to our success is Modern Olives. They've helped us understand our oils and how the different seasons/varieties impact consumer experience. The annual cost of having Modern Olives test our varieties, is more than compensated for by the increased value of the Rosto brand.”

Steve Higgs

Rosto Grove


“I have had a great experience while working with Modern Olives. It has an excellent team who provided me technical expertise and high-tech equipment when I was carrying out my research project ‘Evaluation of chemical and physical changes in different commercial oils during heating’’.”

Florencia De Alzaa

Research and Development, Boundary Bend Olives


“I use Modern Olives as they are the leading institution on all testing of olive. Their accreditations with IOC, NATA and TGA provide a range of testing that can be performed for all of my products, making Modern Olives the one-stop-shop for all of my product testing needs.”

Michelle Emin

Research and Development, Boundary Bend Olives


“I am very pleased with Modern Olives’ efficient and professional lab service; their lab reports are comprehensive, accurate and easy to read. Having recently attended a Masterclass on olive oil sensory training, I highly recommend that all olive growers and supply chain participants make the time.”

Peter McFarlane

AOA OliveCare® and OliveCare® Export Code of best Practice Admin


“We choose Modern Olives as they are consistently accurate, efficient and offer good value for money. The turnaround time from sample to results is quick and their reports are easy to understand. They are responsive and innovative, seeking cost effective ways through research and development.”

Lisa Rowntree

Longridge Olives


“Claudia & her team have been providing lab services to us since our first harvest in 2010. Of most importance to us is the first class tasting & blending services provided. Her recommendations have contributed significantly to the success of our oils in competitions.”

Russ & Tina Knight

Lisadurne Hill

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I take a sample of olive oil for testing?

  • How do I take a sample of olive fruit for testing?

  • How do I take a sample of table olives for testing?

  • How do I know if my sample has been received?

  • When will I receive my results?

  • How do I pay for testing?

  • Which tests do I need?

  • What do my results mean?

  • What accreditations does the lab hold?

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